Mylo, Co-founder

Say hi to Mylo, the one-touch staples shop that helps you look great without the effort. Get daily outfit recommendations and shop for quality staples in seconds.

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Personalized Recommendations 

Mylo personalizes outfit recommendations every morning by syncing to your local weather. Getting dressed used to take 15 minutes, now it takes seconds.

A Smart Closet, at Your Fingertips

Mylo re-thinks m-commerce by placing a daily outfit generator at the forefront of the mobile experience. Combining genius in fashion and tech, Mylo’s styling algorithm enables it to provide over 45,000 outfit recommendations at the tap of a button.

A Simple Shop with a Universal Checkout 

All of the finest basics, from the finest retailers, housed in a simple shop with a boutique feel. Make purchases directly from your daily outfit suggestions or browse our shop whenever you please. Checkout is a breeze with Mylo’s one-touch purchase button.

Say Hi to Mylo, the Friendly Menswear App

Friendly touches are weaved throughout the app. If you look closely, you’ll see a smiling face in the logo, and the name Mylo is commonly given to dogs (man’s best friend). We also used the ‘My’ in Mylo to encourage ownership: My Shop, My Outfits, etc.

A Friend in Your Pocket, A Friend in Your Inbox

Mylo’s friendly approach doesn’t end with the application. We developed a complete experience that extends to confirmation emails and social media outreach.


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