“Wildly ambitious...Roncken’s catalogue is a chugging tour de force...his bravura approach samples from different eras and styles to explore the human condition.” - O, The Oprah Magazine

Design for Humanity

If its well-proportioned face was designed to mirror a beaming child, then its disk drive, perfectly placed to the bottom right of the screen, was its smirking mouth.”

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The Man Who Could’ve Saved Toronto, published @ The Classical

“Restless in the night, I woke in a fugue state and gazed into my ceiling mirror. Sprawled in the reflection beside me was Steve Nash. He feathered his hair with an ivory-toothed comb and grinned like a savage.”

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The Crew Guide to Virtual Reality, published @ The Startup

We’ve reached a point where everyone can use a computer, including your grandma. And if she can’t, it’s because you haven’t bought her a tablet. Her remote control has 38 more buttons than the cockpit of a 747. She can definitely work a tablet.” 

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One on One with Alan Cross, published @ Quip

“As 14 year-olds, we didn’t yet know who The Smiths were, and Joy Division sounded like a German space man crying inside a vacuum cleaner. However, the pre ‘93 haze eventually lifted as Cross helped us contextualize the pre-grunge landscape.”

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A New Champ Emerges, published @ Go Home Print

“My brother is no bum. He is the owner of two hulking fists, a pair of lead grapefruits dressed in barbed wire. For the most part, they swing limp by his waist, disfigured knots mapped with a network of scars.” 

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